Monday, February 16, 2009

Be All That You Can Be?

"Be all that you can be." This is the motto of then Rustom Padilla, a Filipino matinee idol and action star, who is now known as Bb. or Binibining (Bebe) Gandanghari.

I have heard stories about the transformation of the said actor actress artist but it was only until I have seen these photos that I had a clear idea what they were talking about.

Check these out.


Bb. Gandanghari

Bb. Gandanghari

Bb. Gandanghari

Bb. Gandanghari

Although I find transsexualism quite odd, I have nothing against it. But on second thought, why can't they just settle with their God-given gender? I'm sure God did not commit mistake when He made them. Just my two cents worth.

Images received by email from Tinny.


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